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Whatever the 'look' you aim for in your new kitchen, the basic structure has not changed in many decades. Until now. The Neptune Cabinet System offers vastly superior performance, guaranteeing that your kitchen will be in perfect working order for decades.

Cabinets are the foundations of any kitchen and they have to take a lot of punishment. Even if you are very careful, spillages will happen. Plumbing problems can occur at any time. Chemicals can spill or leak. Boisterous children are always likely to climb up the shelves or swing on the cupboard doors when you are not looking. The next thing you know, water has penetrated and swelled woodwork, edge tapes are lifting, doors and drawers are drooping, hinges and runners are malfunctioning.

It doesn't have to be that way – the Neptune Cabinet System will ensure your cabinets outlast your doors, panels and benchtops! This factor is very important for families with young children and owners of rental properties where you can't always be sure how careful tenants will be.

The key innovation is giving all cabinetry a robust metal 'backbone'. Rather than having hinges and hardware screwed into MDF or particle board which can distort and lose its grip, we use a super-strong aluminium extrusion which never loses its shape or function. Hinges, drawer runners etc are bolted into the special slots. Another very useful innovation is that the Neptune system allows you to reconfigure your cupboards at will – simply unlock and slide the shelves to suit your spacing needs at any time.




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