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What is it that makes the Neptune Cabinet System so much better than conventional cabinetry? So superior, in fact, that we can offer a 20 year warranty on our products? We began by analysing the shortcomings of traditional joinery products, the standard structures behind the flash doors and under the expensive benchtops. In almost every case, these were fabricated from particle or medium density fibre board, materials that are notoriously prone to water damage. Dampness or even high humidity is absorbed by the material, which can swell, distort and rot within an unacceptably short time. This, in turn, leads to the second major problem – hinges, drawer runners, handles etc becoming loose and failing because they are screwed directly into that weakened fibreboard. Our first move was to source a sturdier and totally waterproof base material. After assessing what was available internationally, we chose Stiroboard – a solid urethane panel product that passed all our tests with flying colours. Secondly, we perfected a versatile track system which would act as a solid 'backbone' to every unit. After much experimentation we developed the Neptune Cabinet System – an advanced system that provides for all hardware (hinges, drawer systems, shelving and accessories) to be bolted into a special powder-coated aluminium track. Mounts are bolted directly onto the track so there are no holes. Expert joiners and others in our specialised industry have examined and tested these products comprehensively. All agree that the Neptune Cabinet System is light years ahead of conventional products in both functionality and durability.



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