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Dark, damp wooden cupboards and drawers provide the ideal breeding conditions for any number of bacteria and fungal organisms, many of which can be hazardous to human health, particularly with young children around. But with the Neptune Cabinet System – the absolute water resistance together with the absence of organic materials which feed microscopic invaders means you can be confident of optimum hygiene and safety. As a bonus, your Neptune Cabinets are supremely easy to clean!

Germs, food particles and grime are common household sights in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry of every home. Some of this is easily seen and cleared away but germs and mould often grows hidden from easy reach. Yet it isn’t the strength of the cleaning products that are used on them or how often the panels are cleaned that dictates how clean and hygenic your cupboards remain. It is the material that the cabinet panels are made from that will ensure a germ free environment.


Traditional cabinets are made from particle board covered by a glued veneer with unsealed ends. The Neptune Cabinet System is made from a revolutionary product – Stiroboard – which is a completely submersible product that will not rot or split under the most wettest of environments. Stiroboard has no timber content and does not require sealing of any kind. Bacteria has no surface to get a hold and grow!


See for yourself the effect of normal mould growth in the corner of a cupboard over a period of time – inside a traditional cabinet and inside a Neptune cabinet.


Now see the result of cleaning each cupboard with the same cloth and cleaning product. If you’re looking for a cabinet system that will remain clean and hygienic the Neptune Cabinet System is the only one to choose.




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