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The Worlds strongest cabinet system


The Neptune Cabinet System’s super-strong aluminium frame ensures solid backs and no weak spots in load areas. The cabinets themselves are built for strength, durability and ease of shelving adjustment. Manufactured from Stiroboard, an advanced, solid urethane product the cabinets are not just water-resistant, but actually submersible. Utilising the world’s most advanced cabinet components, hinges are bolted into a track which allows infinite adjustment and easy replacement without ever having to fill or drill new holes. The whole Neptune Cabinet System is built to last and is covered by a full 20 year warranty. If that doesn't say strength and durability, we don't know what does!


The Neptune Cabinet System’s aluminium frame means that the whole cabinet structure is super-strong. It has a solid back with no weak spots – even in the typical load areas. Our cabinets are capable of withstanding weight of 140kg plus!


All mounts are bolted directly onto a continuously adjustable track to provide extreme strength and durability. No holes, no sagging and easy adjusting of shelf heights.


A traditional cabinet structure often results in hinges that aren’t durable over any length of time. Rotting cabinet walls and standard fittings often don’t stand up to normal wear as you would expect them to.



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